Protein is your friend

This is something that I’ve learned a while back and again more recently. Protein is one of the best things for us because it is where amino acids come from which help with the healing process and is good from so many things like help skin repair for the beauty element, help your meal go longer, meaning that if you eat more protein than carbs it makes you feel full longer and sometimes too many carbs make you feel sluggish while the protein helps you with energy processing.

Protein also has 4 calories per gram whereas carbs are  4 to 7 calories per gram. Can be a big difference and alcohol is at least 7 calories per gram. Just food for thought for those who calorie count. Now many say carbs should account for 50 to 60 percent of calories, if you are on a low carb die that many have started to do because of type 2 diabetes or for some other reason like Celiac disease, you have to do something else like more protein but you can substitute in other ways for carbs like vegetables. Depending on what you do for meal plans, protein can help you out with this for your energy. Some people like myself use meal replacement shakes, I use the ones that are geared toward low carbs and high protein. I do this because when you workout, you should up your protein intake to help repair muscle and help with muscle recovery. This is really important if you do a lot of cardio or lift weights. You have to replace what you use and if you workout a lot, you use a lot of protein and amino acids for that repair and recovery. Sometimes you use more than you have, especially when you’re just starting.

The only issues with a high protein diet is stress on the kidneys and high cholesterol. You also have to remember that when you use a high protein diet, that the body starts burning its own fat in storage which is what many want when trying to lose weight. I do recommend checking with your doctor before you do anything to make sure you’re healthy enough to make any changes like this because it is drastic.

As far as the high cholesterol, if you keep track what you put into your body like going with meats and foods with lower fat content and checking food for fat and sodium content you’re doing better than most. Its important to read those labels for nutrient content. Somethings are pretty bad for you without even realizing.

As far as the kidneys, drink your water and check with your doctor. Your doctor should be able to tell you if you have any issue that would cause problems with your kidneys and such.

Next, I know people want a quick fix but there is no such thing. You have to exercise more to get rid of excess weight. The reason the weight is there in most cases is because we consumed more than we used. This means you ate more food than your body needed at the time. Plus, it took time to put the weight on so its going to take time to get it off.

The other most important thing besides drinking your water and talking to your doctor, get those fruits and veggies in. That’s a must. This is were a lot of the vitamins and minerals we need come from. If you’re not getting enough from food, get a good multi-vitamin. Those help a lot and whatever you don’t use, your body puts into waste. For whatever reason it doesn’t store that.

But back to protein, it doesn’t matter if you’re a carnivore (meat eater), omnivore (eat everything), or herbivore (vegetarian) you still have to have it. There are plant based proteins that out there that help but you need to get with your doctor to see if you’re getting enough. You can eat healthy all you want by however you choose but you still have to get all the nutrients in there. Eat healthy to be healthy.

So until next time…

Love and hugs,



Water is Essential for Life

Last night my significant other jokingly said that since the hunter made his appearance that winter was officially here. This was after we got back from watching the new Star Wars movie which I will only say that it was awesome and one part made me angry but you’ll have to watch it for yourself. I’m very big on NO SPOILERS and since this is a health blog you’ll have to ask someone else, hehehehe.

But since winter is here and probably already has been here in other places, I think this is a good time to remind everyone that they should still be drinking their 8-8 ounce glasses of water or 64 ounces of water a day. At least this much because it is as just as important now as it is for exercise or summer. Here’s why…

Winter air is very drying for almost everyone, myself included even though I have oily skin. It actually damages the skin, I found out in my 20’s that even with layers of clothes and lots of moisturizer that it still dries you out and makes you really itchy. It makes the skin flake, become ashy (yes, everyone’s skin does that, it just looks different), you can develop sores from the dryness and scratching sometimes just the dryness because the skin becomes tight and cracks.

You also become dehydrated without enough water which causes diarrhea, disoriented feelings,  dizziness and many other things. It can cause many difficulties with the stomach if you do not drink enough. My own mom tends to drink mostly water because since her 20’s she had chronic bladder infections starting with a major one that left scarring in her bladder, not enough water and stress can do that to you. Not enough water can definitely cause a myriad of health issues with the organs. I cannot stress that enough. Water is very essential to out well being.

Doctors are always stressing this fact too amid all the other issues out there including people staying at a healthy body weight. You can lie to yourself and the doctors all you want about what you do like not smoking or drinking enough water but eventually it will catch up to you in the form of your health.

More than half of the body is supposed to be water. When you sweat, your body secretes that water in the sweat so it makes sense that you need to replenish that first. I know many people say you should replenish electrolytes and other things as well. But first and foremost, you should replenish the water in your body. This is because the sweat acts as a coolant and coolant has to be replaced at some point on anything like in a car or an air conditioner. Its just something that has to be done.

And believe it or not, if you use stimulants like coffee, soda, energy drinks, pill form stimulants and such; those make you use you body’s water too. Every time you use them, you should be drinking water as well. The stimulate energy in your body and make you thirstier whether you realize it or not.

There is another not so subtle reason to drink your water. It helps you go to the bathroom regularly. You can drown yourself in fiber but if you are not drinking enough water, it does you absolutely no good at all. You can be constipated or worse, constant diarrhea which makes you lose even more of that precious water.

Now for something that most people do not believe but I do. Many people are taking those colon cleansers and other cleansers as well to detoxify their bodies. That’s all well and good but water helps that too. While their are articles out there that tell you this, I’ve known it since high school. Teenagers eat a lot of junk, let’s face it but are they drinking enough water to go with it? Probably not. I can’t say for sure because I’m not there but I do know that many of us my age, did not. So yeah, you’ll need those cleansers now but you’ll also need water even more now too. It helps those cleansers work more effectively AND if you continue with the water afterwards, it helps you stay that way.

The CDC even has articles on why water is important. I’ve included a link to one at the bottom. But the main thing is that THEY are saying you need it. These are the people that try to help keep the bad diseases down and help us deal with epidemics like type 2 diabetes and obesity. All things that are definitely unhealthy for us. That says something if they are telling us the benefits to drinking water. The link that I’m including also includes links to their other articles on water as well. One thing I will point out that I never knew before reading the article is water keeps our body temp at 98.6 degrees. It regulates that and so many other things. See I’m not just helping you, I’m learning as I go.

I’m also including a link for an article that tells us how water makes us awesome. One of those things is that it can help promote weight loss. Something I’ve often thought about is how often do I think I’m hungry and I just need more water, meaning I’m thirsty? Its something to think about and it only takes a couple minutes to find out by drinking a glass of water.

Recap: Water is essential to life. I cannot say that enough. It is the most important thing for the body only second to air and just above food. This is because it is essential to many bodily functions. Too many to list here or anywhere outside of a medical document or maybe the CDC. I do encourage you to research it more. You’ll be surprised at many of the things you’ll find.

Until next time…

Love and hugs,


Understanding that everything takes TIME

This is something in this world where everything is readily available that people forget. Weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes time. Anything that is really worth having takes time. I often say that people rush into things headlong and wonder why it falls apart. Its because we rushed into it. We lose weight quickly and then gain it back twice as fast. Its because we did it in a hurry and didn’t give our body time to adjust. Losing weight really fast may be great in the short term, but in the long term it does have some negative consequences; one being the fast weight gain after and another all the loose skin from the weight loss because you didn’t account for the fact that because you’re older, your body doesn’t recover as quickly.

In truth, these facts hurt and many people will avoid them to get that “perfect body” when we need to remember that there is no such thing. There really is no “one size fits all”. Trust me there isn’t. I used to get my sister’s hand-me-down clothes until I out grew her. She was only 5’1 and maybe 100 lbs soaking wet. Me, when I finished growing I was at 5’6 and 135 lbs all muscle because I was athletic in high school. Big difference. I couldn’t wear her clothes without stretching them out and that made her mad. After I graduated high school, I started slowing down and realized the only reason I had a nice body was because I had constantly worked out, every day all the time even though I ate as much as my brother. Genetics are a crazy thing with slow metabolisms and weight. Both my parents and 2 of my grandparents were over-weight, one from each side. When you start realizing this and how it contributes to you, you either ignore it or you do something about it. Here’s where I come in. Until recently, I only did a half job of talking care of myself because I was in some what decent shape or so I thought. Then I woke up one morning sick and thinking that I was becoming my mom in the physical sense. I weighed in at 250 lbs, not good on a 5’6 frame even with the big boobs which run in my family.

What I thought was my mom’s health issues was actually an allergic reaction to a diet soda from Walmart and their brand. This why I stated last week to stay away from that diet, low fat, low sugar, and such stuff because it can cause the things we are trying to avoid. But the impact it had on my was still there. I did not want to be that way and still don’t. So I started monitoring what I eat with the Loseit app. I was already eating the recommended calories for fat burn or less but after a few weeks of monitoring I realized it was not how much I eat or what I eat because I do eat healthy, though I still monitor it from time to time just to “check” myself and my progress.

I started thinking back to high school and what I did then that I don’t do now besides writing this blog and other stuff. I realized that it was the constant moving around, I literally didn’t stop unless it was time to eat or go to sleep or when I read or studied for school. It’s not some diet pill or drink thought those certainly help, it’s getting off our behinds and moving around. Just one problem…I can’t move like I used to because of course the weight and one key other thing…my various bone injuries and the fact I don’t have much cartledge (the stuff that helps your joints move) in my right knee. So we have to find a work around since I can’t run or jump at this point.

Now I have seen people in my situation and similar ones, eventually regain something in the way of movement and be really fit. So I started looking into them and their stories. Here’s the weird thing, they all did some form of yoga when they decided to get it in gear and take care of themselves. But they didn’t just do that, they walked, they tried other forms of exercise too. They found ways to keep their bodies moving. But it also took some time. It doesn’t take a day or a week or two or even a month. That kind of weight loss is something that should be monitored by a doctor anyway. Yes, it is possible but you have to almost be in a life or death situation. In reality, it takes the time it took for you to put the weight on; a few years or even five. That’s right, it takes time. And anything really worth it does take time. Yeah, I lost 20 lbs in a few months but I’m thinking that was fluid weight since it came off so quick and now I’m at a plateau, stuck at 199 lbs. Which requires more movement BUT not so much I’m in pain from those various injuries. They have to adjust just like the rest of me.

I keep coming back to the yoga but here’s why: Yoga while it is not for everyone and you can’t immediately do all the poses, it has benefits that people who haven’t done it don’t know about. Natural tummy tuck starting the minute you start, now you won’t see a difference for at least a month but when you do, you’ll be like OMG!!!! Regains that flexibility over time that your guy or girl if you prefer loves. No, you can’t do all the poses at once BUT overtime when you start feeling better you will. Tell you this, 6 months ago I couldn’t sit Indian style without my hips hurting. Now, I am and I’m almost touching my knees to the floor something I haven’t done since my twenties.

I will also I’m not a huge fan of all the poses. Simply because they hurt a lot at my age when first doing them, I’m in my early 40’s. I having done ballet, tap, jazz, and belly dances up until my late 20’s, I can still do a lot of them but not all of them since because I used to focus only on working I didn’t keep up with it and now that I am and dealing with old injury pain as well as arthritis, it hurts like doing too much exercise at once and not doing anything to get rid of the soreness. I will tell you that my favorite pose has become the goddess pose. Yes, it hurt my thighs a lot since I’m not quite used to it but within 5 minutes I had some relief from hip joint pain. Yeah, that quick. When I took a break to relax my thighs, I immediately noticed the pain in my right hip had lessened a bit. And I was watching a video showing how to properly do the pose, showing how to adjust yourself to get the pose to work. YEAH! That simple. But a pose that I really hate but its good for you is downward facing dog because it makes my wrists hurt but there is even a video on you tube for that which I tried. It does help but what it does it help you focus on things to work the wrists to get to the point they don’t hurt anymore.

Point is that it all takes time and once you start just focusing on what you need to do to get where you want and you forget because it makes you feel good, you start seeing those results and you want to keep going. I’m not saying do yoga, that’s completely up to you. I’m saying find that exercise you like and keep going because it makes you feel good, the rest comes with time. As the lady Adrienne from Yoga with Adrienne says “Find what feels good”. I promise you won’t regret it. I’ve included another link to a great article from a lady who does yoga but it took her years to get where she wanted to be even though she’s been doing it for a really long time; but you wouldn’t know it looking at her.

Until next time…

Love and hugs,


Eating and exercising during the winter months

Winter has come or at least Mother Nature is bringing it with all the cold wind and rain. Eating healthy and maintaining or losing weight during the winter can be difficult because of the want to eat or drink something hot and not want to go outside unless you have to; making it really difficult to stay on track.

First part of today’s blog is for research. Do your homework and research things to help you stay on track and be strong. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. This cannot be stressed enough. Its also something that you can do sitting in bed as the kids are going to sleep or while they’re doing their homework and while you cook dinner. It’s something we can make time and do in shorts spans of time. Also take notes whether is on a notepad or open notebook or word on your computer. This way you can keep track of the research that impressed you. Don’t worry, I’m going to give you a few pointers to help your research get into focus too so you save even more time.

  1. Sites like,, and such all have great recipes that that fit in with a healthy lifestyle. I think they also give calories per serving too, at least one of them does.
  2. Stay away from anything that says low fat, light, low calorie, low or no sugar. The reason for this is because in the long term, these items are worse for you than eating the regular stuff. The companies use chemicals that have now been found to cause cancer. In that same vein, stay away from the diet drinks because those have been found to cause diabetes. Anything like that is now bad for you in a very bad way.
  3. If you eat meat or dairy, stick with the grass fed meat. Those are naturally less fat. They are not given a strong regiment of antibiotics and are not standing around in their own wastes. Plus, there is a natural enzyme they had called CLA which naturally helps fat burn but is killed off by antibiotics like some people’s good bacteria in their stomachs that helps digestion is.
  4. Vitamins. If you’re not already on vitamins, get some and take them. They help you receive nutrients you may not get with calorie and food restrictions. I do recommend if your at a plateau and getting frustrated, go to GNC and pick up a thermogenic. These help with burning fat and give you energy that will give you no choice but to get up and go. But if you have medical issues, talk to your doctor first to see what he says before you do anything.
  5. Look at the regular soups in the grocery store. Not the chunky kind but the regular soups. These actually have about a meals worth of calories for one can and you usually fill up. Stay away from ones like Healthy Choice too, those are loaded with salt/sodium which is just as bad as the chemicals in the light and diet stuff. Makes a great lunch on those rainy/cold/snowy days even at work.

Now we get to the winter exercise. YAY!!!

What I’ve found that I like to do on a day like today where its rainy and nasty out is find something I like to do inside that keeps me busy and helps the exercise part too. There’s yoga, interactive gaming, dance, and so many other things. Yeah, I said interactive gaming. Game systems like Xbox 360/One, PlayStation and Ninetendo now offer interactive games that make you more active in the game instead of just holding a game controller. I’m not sure what PlayStation offers but the Xbox 360 and One game systems offer games that you use their Kinect in which a sensor over the TV monitors your movements for the games. The Ninetendo Wii offers games and exercise programs where with the controller in hand you actually have to get up and move with the game. My favorites on that are the Wii Fit U which is almost self explanatory  and Pirates of the Caribbean which you become Captain Jack. These are fun for the whole family and you can get the kids involved. If you have one of these systems, you can also get an app for and look up exercise classes. Yes, they have those on there.

The point is that you don’t have to go outside to get fit on these bad days. You can do things in the house and with the kids and even the pets for some things. If you feel like you want to get  out but don’t want to join a gym, go to the mall and just walk. They do allow it, I know because my next door neighbor does it. And you can go as soon as the mall opens which is usually an hour or 2 before the stores open.

Recap: Research, Research, Research. You want answers, use your internet to find them. Use the hints I gave you up top. Get your exercise, you don’t even have to leave the house. Use your tools and find new ones. If your off work that day but your kids are in school, use your son’s or husband’s Xbox for the youtube app and find a free class video posted on there. You get your exercise, and you don’t have to go anywhere.

Until next week…

Love and Hugs,



Thanksgiving, Holidays, Shopping and a Healthy Lifestyle

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I thought really hard about how to stay within the healthy eating and exercise habits with all the holiday hubbub. This is something that hits the minds of everyone trying hard to stick with it and having all the temptation possible out there. Trust me I know, this year I survived okay but previous years its been a real struggle because of family wanting that “traditional holiday spread”. As someone who tries hard to be a healthy eater, I am starting to hate that phrase as I know many of you who read this are, though try as I might not to.

I actually heard something a while back from one of my favorite people out there, a magician who is notorious for calling people out, on the things he stopped eating because for his own health he needed to shed those pounds.

Penn Jillette said that he saves those things for the holidays. Those special times of year. I know he loves pie because he’s said he does. This man simply decided that he would only eat pie on holidays. Good for him. I really wish I had that kind of will power. I just don’t quite have it yet. Don’t know if I will but I’m getting close to it.

Here’s what I’ve started to do because your family wants you to enjoy all of those goodies but most of them don’t think about the few of us that really don’t need to eat those things right now. No, we don’t.

Everything in moderation. Yep, I said it, the thing they say about alcohol, I said it about food. I do most of the cooking for my little family unit and my hubby likes to eat a lot. He’s in his forties but he eats like he’s 16 and I can’t figure out where he puts it. (laughs) I think he has a really good metabolism, something I’m not really blessed with.

I also make more veggies and meat than I do anything else. Simply because I do really good with a low carb diet. I do eat carbs but not near as many as I used to.

But when visiting family, I do portion control because my dad thinks old fashioned, you must have turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. I get really small portions and go back for seconds with the same result. This way they just think I’m eating a lot when they are busy with their own plates. The thing is, once your belly starts shrinking, you really can’t eat the same portions as you once did without seriously hurting because you start stretching muscles in the wrong way again.

Now comes the pie. Get yourself some pie, after all it is the holidays. Just get little pieces of pie. Split it with a kid. they will thank you and they aren’t getting a whole lot of sweets either. Kids love sweets but they don’t need a whole lot of them. If you split your piece, they are happy (unless they’re a glutton early on) and mom is thanking you for helping them with the moderation too.

As far as exercise goes, I again go back to schedule it. It may not happen on a busy day like Thanksgiving Day but you can still do it the rest of the week. Kids home? Take them with you and talk with them, make it a family activity or family time. Now if your family is like mine, some of them are sports fanatics unlike me. But I know enough of the games to get out there and play football with them in the yard. I also offer to watch the younger ones play sometimes. Let’s the cousins catch up and I get to go outside. We had one gathering before an aunt with severe dementia insisted we all had to go for a walk and it was like 8 pm but we all went and had a good time.

Now, realize that some family members think we should all rest after a big meal but I disagree. I think my aunt was right, we should all go for a walk. It gives in to family time and you get the exercise you need.

I want to give a little recognition to a page that always brings me up when I’m down. He always has something that cheers me up and gets me going. I first met him after his comic routine with his comedic brothers-in-arms. He’s also a self help guru but I think if it works go with it. R. Mordant Mahon is a great guy and a great comedian. If you need a pick me up, I suggest just reading his words once or listen to his podcast. You’ll understand when you do. Below I’ll have a link to his Facebook page.

Recap: Holiday meals, small portions until full. I usually only need 2 plates. Exercise, schedule it or make it a family outing. Join in on that yard football game or play with the little ones. Just find something that requires you to move around. And lastly, stay motivated in whatever way you can with whatever helps motivate you.

Until Next Week…

Love and Hugs,


Good Hygiene and Getting your Vitamins

Something occurred to me this week and then something else occurred to me this morning before I got to work on this blog. The first is that a dentist once told me that good oral hygiene helps with so many things from type 2 diabetes and heart disease to preventing you from eating when you are not hungry. The second came to me this morning while reading an article about scurvy coming back in the mid-west. Yep, its coming back because people have stopped getting vitamin C which made me think about something we tend to forget while getting into a healthy lifestyle. Are we remembering to take our vitamins or get enough fruits and vegetables? Those 2 things are actually very important to a healthy lifestyle whether we believe it, think about it, or not.

So first we’ll start with the good hygiene, please don’t take this as an insult because its not. Its meant to be informative. If you believe you have good hygiene and don’t need this part, please, skip to the end about vitamins. I’m sure any good dentist out there will tell you that good oral hygiene helps the conditions I mentioned and more. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. Good hygiene in anyway helps with those conditions.  From bathing to washing your hands properly. Yes, I said properly. The medical practitioners out there tell us that to wash your hands properly, you need water as hot as you can stand it, soap, and rub your hands vigorously, and rinse well. But it isn’t just that, they say you have to rub them vigorously for 20 seconds. That’s the Happy Birthday song 3 times. You do this after using the restroom, before dealing with food, anytime you get your hands dirty, and whenever you come into contact with someone sick.

Hygiene is something that that has been taught to kids since they become old enough to understand which is pretty young. But as adults, many of us tend to forget these basic principles when we stop using them because of time restraints, believing that its only for kids and we adults are invincible, or simply we get in a hurry and forget. Or there was this man I once met who simply decided he didn’t need to do any of that because he lived alone. He became so ill that he was put on all kids of medication for diabetes, heart disease and skin infections. Yep, not bathing regularly can lead to skin infections from your sweat, bacteria on the skin, open wounds, and other issues to do with the skin.

Like anything else, I think to get back into the good hygiene habits, we have to schedule them. There is a reason why people brush their teeth in the morning when they get ready for the day or bed, bathe or shower in the morning or evening or both, brush their hair after washing or before fixing their signature style, and so on. Its because they’ve always had this schedule or set it so they have time to do it all before they go to work/school. For the working mom/dad who believes they just don’t have time, let me tell you what my mom used to do because she always had so much going on even though she didn’t work. She brushed her teeth while we did so it would instill good habits. She used to take her bath in her tub while we took our individual ones, she said when we were babies and toddlers, she bathed with me and then gave my brother a bath, if dad was off that day, he got to bathe my brother so she could have a few minutes to herself. Just different little things to keep things from being overwhelming. That’s meant to help too, by the way.

On to the vitamins…

There is an outbreak of scurvy in the mid-west according to an article on yahoo. This makes me wonder who is getting their vitamins, simply because I do care about people out there. If its a scheduling thing, I take mine right after I brush my teeth. I take them with a glass of water because…well, we need to drink it anyway and anything citric is going to taste weird at that point. If it an unknowing thing, then take your vitamins.

Trust me, with the diseases that are coming back you need those vitamins. If you hate swallowing a pill, think of how you can incorporate more veggies and fruits into your diet. Although, I do both. Simply for the sake of I never know if I’m getting enough. At this time of year, which is winter, you need the Vitamin C anyway because of cold and flu. Though if you’re prone to kidney stones, eat the fruit. I’m not a medical professional but for me, too much orange juice with calcium caused kidney stones for me about 15 years ago. I tend to stay away from too much juice unless I’m sick. I eat the fruit instead because its good for the teeth anyway.

But something people don’t think about with vitamins and eating fruits and veggies is that is helps with your skin, better than lotions when you eat enough of them and/or take vitamins. Think about this, its one of those things that just because you don’t see it working doesn’t mean its not until you stop. In this article about scurvy, the first case they talk about was a man who was only eating bread and American cheese for years. No one could figure out what was wrong with him until they ran a vitamin C test.  Another man was having joint pain and other issues I think with his heart. Again, the tests showed nothing even arthritis or heart disease until they ran the vitamin C test which was almost zero.

All I can say is that if you want good skin and the doctors find nothing, take your vitamins and eat more veggies. Your next appointment will show some improvement. And be free to tell the doctor what you did. He probably won’t admit it but in his mind he’ll be thinking, “could it have been something we haven’t seen in a while?” I’m not saying to self diagnose. What I am saying is try something that is good for you anyway. You might surprise yourself. Just remember, it takes a couple weeks for you to see any change. Like anything good in your life, it takes time to get those good results.

Recap: Practice good hygiene and take your vitamins either in pill form or in fruits and veggies or both. Do something that is good for you anyway. AND REMEMBER, it takes a few weeks to see any results like anything good in your life.

Love and Hugs,



Staying on top of your new fitness lifestyle while working or job hunting

Sorry, I’m late posting this week. Its been a little hectic with job interviews this week, and not just having them but the number of them. So that gave me the idea for this week’s blog. Trying to stay on top of your new lifestyle while working and/or job hunting.

While I was doing these interviews, it occurred to me that not everyone can juggle new intrusions into their life while making other adjustments that life throws at us. Sometimes it becomes difficult to juggle working, looking for work, childcare, social life even while starting new hobbies, working on being fit, changing your eating habits and other such life altering events.

When I decided and got started with changing my life with good habits, I was also looking for work and depressed. I have a family history of depression and anxiety. I’ve also found the best way for me to deal with this health issue is to be as active as my body will allow me since the usual medicines prescribed for such conditions make me worse or physically ill as well.

Recently with the interviews having picked up, I’ve noticed that on certain days I have to make time to exercise and make conscious choices about what I eat to prevent lapses into old habits. This is what I’ve tried to do and am mostly successful. I say mostly because no one is perfect and there are times when you don’t have very many options as to what you can eat or you are so tired that exercise is out of the question. And trust me, there are days that those very things happen. Not always together but those days happen too. I remind you of my last blog of “not beating yourself up about it”. Acknowledge it and move on.

Back to this week.

Here’s what I do that helps me. I’m not saying that it will help you but its a great suggestion that works for more than exercise. MAKE PLANS. Sounds obsessive compulsive but there it is. You can always alter said plans but if you make a plan and stick with it as close as possible it helps. I’m not saying you can totally plan it out, even what you eat, but you can research the area and see what’s around that can accommodate what you need. If you’re like me, you usually try to eat ate home or bring something with you if you’re going to be out at any mealtime. Sometimes the best laid plans fall into the crapper for whatever reason, hopefully beyond what we can control. But if that happens, let it go. Because you have to remember that you cannot control everything.

Here’s an example of what I’ve been doing as far as plans when I have to go more than 30 minutes away for an interview or meeting:

After scheduling the meeting, pull up google maps in a web browser and enter in the address. Google now has a function where you can look at businesses in the area such as restaurants and even see where the closest Walmart is. I do this that way I have a landmark when I’m traveling even though I use GPS because it helps me get my barrings so to speak. I usually try to bring a healthy snack with me but I also look to see if there is a familiar restaurant nearby that can accommodate my healthy eating habits. Be prepared, sometimes there isn’t. There just isn’t. Does that mean I going to mess up. NO. Absolutely not. It just means what’s there is there. If you are hungry and the snack isn’t enough, you may have to stop somewhere but you can look for things to eat that can help. Its another reason I check for the nearest Walmart, because if its a Supercenter or a Neighborhood market then you have a place you can get something healthy to eat if you need to.

Next after doing my research, I schedule my exercise for that day even if its just walking. Hint: my mother-in-law is a professional driver. She likes to walk the nearby Walmart when not on a drive or sleeping. While that may not be a thing for many of us, it will do in a pinch. Plus, most of the time the employees don’t bother you there. I try to make it back to the house to walk the dog but its not always possible. Sometimes I have to look for a place to stop and walk. I try to plan my day out ahead of time so I know where I’m at and what’s around in case I don’t make it back until its time to cook supper. Its also called time management, I figured out in college that I can excel in it when I want to and I’m not burned out. I’ve also found out that everyone can excel in time management with a little guidance. Its a very useful skill to have in everything.

Next I schedule anything else that I need to do that day, like feed my pets, laundry, liter pan changing, if I was a parent and needed someone to take the kids after school. Whatever needs to be done. The point is make a schedule and use time management with your new lifestyle until it becomes old habit. It may take a while before that happens so be prepared for it to take a while. Truly, anything worth it takes a while.

To recap: Focus on what you want to do. DO your research on the area where you’ll be. Make a schedule. Be prepared for changes and make plans for adjustments which is what the research is for.

That’s it for this week.

Love and hugs,