Ketogenic VS. Ketoacidosis

A diet has been coming up a lot for health and weight loss, the Keto Diet. But there are so many misconceptions out there I thought I would do some research and let the readers here know my findings. Like any diet or trend, people who are against it may be against it for myths and misconceptions that someone else told them. I happen to be one of those people who likes to research something before I believe anything because I know there are lies about everything.

The premise of the Ketogenic diet was originally to treat seizure patients but it actually was discarded in favor of medicine. We now know that medicine doesn’t always work on everyone, in fact many children have little or no reaction or even adverse reactions to some seizure medicine. One lady in Arizona was at her wits end because no medicine was working and the doctor wanted to lobotomize her son. She eventually gave the kid pot brownies and the seizures are gone which I’m all for since it helped the kid where traditional medicine failed him.

But back to the Ketogenic diet. The main one is that people think because they are going very low carb that they will be consuming high protein. WRONG. The diet actually calls for moderate protein. You actually are required to consume 70 to 80 grams of protein which is actually a lot when you compare that to the same amount of carbs, I barely make it to 70 grams much less 80 and I’m stuffed.

The second thing that I found was that it requires you to consume high quantities of good fats, this is where you get most of your energy from. Now, right now in the diet world there is a stigmata on fat but people fail to realize there are good fats and bad fats. YEP! There are. Good fats consist of things like coconut oil, avocados, peanuts, sunflower oil, and such. Bad fats are like you’d find in potato chips and fats found in most junk food. The thing is that fats are not all bad for you. People just hear the word fat and freak out.

The biggest misconception I found is people thinking that they could do the diet during the week and gorge on carbs the weekend. That’s not doing anything for you at all. You just ruined what you did during the week and accomplished nothing. The whole point of the diet is to keep your carbs low and in the form of vegetables. Binge eating carbs on the weekend defeats that purpose.

What I’ve found that the diet actually does is remove our need for a moderate or high carb diet for energy which is messing with people who have metabolic disorders or type 2 diabetes. Those people have to control carbs so they don’t get sick. As someone who was diagnosed as Hypoglycemic or a metabolic disorder, I’m finding that foods high in carbs are what is messing me over because they raise my blood sugar levels and then I crash which will eventually make me insulin resistant or a type 2 diabetic. No, uh-uh, ain’t happening to this chick. In the past, I’ve actually done better by eating more vegetables and proteins and a lot less carbs. So a ketogenic diet would not be much of a stretch for me.

Now for the down side…

The thing that gets most people with the ketogenic diet is that for about a week most people get the keto flu which is where you feel tired, irritable, and such, much like having the flu. Here’s what’s going on so don’t get discouraged if you are thinking about doing this diet…Your body is adjusting to not having mass amounts of carbs, this lasts from 2 days to about a week depending on the person. To me, that isn’t much of a big deal since I know I actually feel better not eating all those carbs anyway. Basically, your body is adjusting to a ketogenic state, not ketoacidosis which I’ll get to in a minute.

According to the online dictionary ketogenic means the production of ketone bodies in the body, as in diabetes mellitus orlow-carbohydrate weight-loss diets.

But ketoacidosis is Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a life-threatening problem that affects people with diabetes. It occurs when the body cannot use sugar (glucose) as a fuel source because there is no insulin or not enough insulin. Fat is used for fuel instead. What happens is the body isn’t using its insulin properly so it attacks fat and muscle. This is when the blood acids get crazy in diabetics. This is why it is very important to eat some carbs such as from vegetables unlike the Atkins diet which is very, every little or no carbs. The keto diet actually encourages you to eat the very good carbs you find in vegetables, this is where you get your carbs so you don’t hit that ketoacidosis state. Now if you are insulin dependent, I very HIGHLY recommend you speak seriously with your doctor before you start this diet. If you serious want to try it, start slowly and see how it goes. It is not recommended as of yet for type 1 diabetics. However, I’ve seen an insulin resistant type 2 diabetic lower her A1C levels and lose 50 pounds on this diet. I’m not saying it will work for you but if you have diabetes do check with your doctor and/or nutritionist first.

So there it is, my analysis of the ketogenic diet. I still want you guys to further the research on your own. In fact, there is much information on the keto diet on

One video which is over almost two hours long is by a doctor and scientist that highly endorses this diet because he believes that humans, at least in the US, are addicted to carbs. Its worth checking out.

There is also the Keto Caveman which I love his series, he has recipes for the keto diet to help you figure out what you can eat; I found this very helpful.

As always, I’m here to help you figure out what’s best for you in your quest to be healthy.


Love and Hugs,



Is Calculating BMI Really Necessary? (Warning: much of this is me ranting over the stupidity of unattainable body image)

Something came to my attention this week that I normally ignore because it holds no value for me, at least, at this point in time. BMI or Body Mass Index. I believe that BMI is overly used since I know for a fact that not everyone overweight is unhealthy and with Hollywood’s standards for weight and body image, its just plain stupid for people to think they can look like that. Now, before you get all mad and defensive, here’s why.

As kids we want to look just like our idols and do not understand at that point why we can’t look that great and good. More and more I’m seeing adults not get it either because of ignorance because no one sat them down to explain this or simply because they refuse to believe it. Genetics plays a huge role in what we look like and habits of our parents or ones we develop combine with those genetics to determine our features, height, and size.

When I say not everyone overweight is unhealthy, you have to remember there are instances that are out there that prove this. I dare you to call a pregnant woman fat without her husband or her for that matter prepared to beat you to a pulp. Or better yet, that huge guy at the gym who lifts weights every time you are there. That guy is overweight for his height but in a good way. Now to another matter that has been the debate for decades. That very curvy lady with an hour glass figure, she’s definitely not overweight, but she’s not a stick figure either. Unless you are in your teens and twenties or have a very high metabolic rate, you actually have to work very hard or starve yourself to be that small. I myself was not that small in high school. I was a big girl in high school, I have curves very early (at 12) and the only reason I wasn’t overweight was because I took dance class and was one of the ones at the top, very athletic. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I was working very hard for the body I had because genetics are not kind to me with my metabolism. While no doctor has every found a thyroid problem, my metabolism is very slow and always has been. I have to move, I mean really move not just get up and walk instead of sitting, to keep weight off and it doesn’t matter what I eat. Feel like you? Probably.

The thing is at my last physical with blood work, my doctor found absolutely nothing wrong with me short of a touch of arthritis in my right ankle, the one I broke ten years ago. Sadly because of genetics, I will never look like a supermodel or Liv Tyler or even Cindy Crawford. I do look really good for my age, while almost forty I still look like I’m in my thirties and no gray hair. I know your jealous. The kicker is I’m having a lot of trouble getting below 199 and staying there. My genetics hate me and I hate them back with a vengeance because I refuse to let someone dictate what I can be. Enough about my issues and back to BMI.

BMI is simply a guideline, that’s it. But using it to determine the health of everyone on the planet when there are so many factors to consider is like using a picture of one supermodel to determine what EVERYONE should look like and not everyone likes that model. Its like saying everyone should be one look, one mind and all others should be eradicated which I am totally against being an individualist. Yeah, I went there because that is exactly what it feels like when people tell you you fat and they look like a freaking stick figure when your metabolism doesn’t work like theirs and your fat just happens to be in the right places that turns your guy freaky. And you can have a nice butt and boobs and have a 30 inch waste. Been there, done it. I still refuse to look like a stick figure.

Plus, weight may not be fat but muscle. Muscle is a lot heavier than fat and we tend to forget that. Muscle is very important to be able to move like you want to too.

So here’s what I think about what you should do about you, your health, and your weight:

Eat healthy; eating healthy is more important than counting calories which you should do but not be obsessive over it. Exercise however you can and however makes you happy as much as you can, the being happy part is the key. MOST IMPORTANTLY, STOP CRITICIZING YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR. Right now, the mirror is your enemy because your brain sees it and starts self depreciating. Weigh yourself once every two weeks instead of everyday. Makes a big difference than staring at a number every day that is just going to make you mad and depressed. Work with your doctor or nutritionist on a plan, not a diet but a plan to get healthy, stay healthy, and simply be healthy. So the BMI scale says your obese, say whatever and work on being healthy and happy. The obese part will eventually go away, you won’t look like a stick but you’ll be closer to Marilyn Monroe’s figure which in her day was skinny but people think now she was fat.

Going simply by BMI is hurting everyone. They think its the right way to fight obesity instead of looking at all the underlying problems causing the obesity. I am finding most of the time its more like something is causing the obesity than someone just sitting on their butt all day long. Its just another trend that they are eventually going to throw out because it doesn’t work which we’ve already proven.

Now that I’ve let you know what I think, form your own opinions about it. Maybe it works for you, maybe it doesn’t. To me, BMI is just a number that is not helping me in the least because its always told me I’m fat even when I wasn’t and was a size 8 wearing small and medium clothes, back when I was existing on just salad with occasional protein. That’s not a life at all.

This week, there are no links because I want you to find the information on your own and form your own opinion. BMI has been all over the internet this week so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Remember: I love you and all I want is for you to be healthy and happy, everything else just falls into place after those two.

Love and Hugs,



Weight Loss and body shape

Before I begin, I want to say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being skinny as long as you are healthy. Because healthy is the most important thing above weight, size, body image and many other things.

I read a story this week about a girl that was overweight but she also had other issues going on such as anxiety/depression, female issues, and many others. She had seen and discarded many psychiatrists because they just weren’t helping her issues which were part of the weight problem not cause by her weight. One psychiatrist, the one she mentions in the article, wanted to talk about her weight not the anxiety/depression issues she was there for like she read the file and automatically blamed the weight for the girl’s problems without talking to her.

This got me to thinking, what if the war on obesity has it backwards? We are trying to fight fat so hard that we are forgetting about issues aside from diabetes that cause weight issues. Our society has become so consumed with fighting fat, getting enough exercise, eating right, ect. that we’ve forgotten that genetics does play a huge role in things. Yeah, it does. All of those things are important but if you aren’t losing much, have trouble maintaining your weight or in this girl’s case, it doesn’t matter what you do you still gain. I’m including the link below so you can read her story too, though I did post it on Facebook earlier.

Really think about this, is there so other medical condition going on with you? Ask your doctor, its their job to help you. I cannot stress this enough. I’m certainly not a medical professional, I’m just a really smart lady who can put 2+2=4 together faster than most. If your doctor continues to fuss about your weight and you’ve tried everything out there, go to another one and another one until someone listens to you. I had to do this for years with my female issues until one guy about 20 years older than me finally listened and started looking into what was going on with me and the fact I don’t want kids. At the time I was 35 and had helped my sister raise her oldest. I felt I raised mine and I was done but the medical community gets hung up on certain things and it takes persistence to get them to listen sometimes. DON’T GIVE UP!!! Someone out there will listen to you, hear your frustration and keep going with you to figure it out.

This brings me back to what I figured out about myself last week before I read the girl’s story. Really all my life I’ve had issues with metabolism being slow. I didn’t really notice until I stopped dancing ballet that something was going on. AND the reason behind that was I was that teenager that didn’t stop, I was always doing something. ALWAYS. After high school, things started slowing down as it does for many but me, my body basically was slowly coming to a standstill no matter what I did. There are issues out there with metabolism I am finding that have nothing to do with your thyroid. Either we aren’t getting something we need to make our bodies metabolize our food right or we are missing something. I don’t think its always a type 2 diabetes thing either where the body becomes insulin resistant. I think whatever is going on with the metabolism affects that part but its only part of it. Exercise is a big part of it too but not everyone can go run a marathon or has the energy or body to work out like we need because of joints, former injuries and many other issues. My thinking is that it has to do with something else that scientists and researchers are just not looking at right now.

I may have found something to help and its not a fad, though how long it will help I do not know at this point because I’ve only being doing it for a week and a half but I started noticing right away because I am one of those people who notice tiny changes in themselves quickly. I notices many things including my stomach starting to slowly go down. But it was tiny so the full effect may take a few months.

What I’ve found is a vitamin, mineral, herb, and amino acid regimen that boosts metabolism and energy. The thing is its not in one pill, I can’t tell you the name of product I’m taking because I work for the company and we aren’t allowed to advertise for many reasons. I can, however, tell you what it entails.

Lots of Vitamin D-3 which I was talking about. It has 1600 IUs of vitamin D which helps you absorb calcium and helps you better process other things like amino acids.

It also has a really good multivitamins that includes the vitamin D-3 and high amounts of vitamin A, C, and B vitamins. Which is important for energy and metabolism as well as hair, skin, and nails; those vitamins help with cell production and regeneration.

It has a green tea complex which is your antioxidants. Antioxidants are good to help against cancer-causing carcinogens.

It also has L-carnitine, this is an amino acid that has metabolism boosting properties. I noticed almost immediately because within the first couple of days, my bowel movements were becoming regular and almost no diarrhea. Eating too much lactose, soups, and sometimes just meat and vegetables would cause diarrhea in my gut for what ever reason. Unless you are allergic or already have a high metabolism, it would not hurt you to take a little of this supplement. Just be forewarned, that it is expensive on its own. Minimum on its own can cost about $25 for 60 tablets/capsules.

There is also a fat burner complex/thermogenic in this regimen  that is full of herbs. It is exclusive to the company I work for. But there are other thermogenics out there. Any of them would do; just beware that 90 percent of them have loads of caffeine in them including the garcinia cambodia that Dr. Oz is talking about, that one is a natural caffeine which the plant itself is like coffee meaning that to get rid of it they would have to extract it like for decaf coffee which I believe would hurt its effectiveness.

After all of this though, I would like for people to become happy with themselves. This is the budding psychologist in me. Only you can make you happy and it has to be on a mental level to fix the physical. Not all of us will look like supermodels and rockstars after we lose the weight and we may feel worse trying to maintain that weight. Sometimes we are meant to have curves. I’m also including a link to a site for people tired of having to deal with the war on obesity and doing other things to better themselves and be healthier called Health at Every Size.

So until next time…be happy, work on your health first, and everything else will eventually fall into place. Stop worrying about what others think of you. In the end only your opinion matters.

Love and hugs,


Vitamin Deficientcy

Something I’d like to talk about today, its something that I cannot stress enough and you should probably get with your doctor if you suspect you have any kind of deficiency…. Vitamins. Vitamins are what makes our bodies repair itself, boost our immune systems, and just basically make itself run efficiently with the food we consume.  Now before you say that you can’t get vitamins because you are a vegetarian or vegan, let me educate you. They do make vitamins in a form for vegetarians now and have for quite a few years. Sometimes one person needs more vitamins and minerals than another for whatever reason while some need less. If you want to take a multivitamin, feel free. With a few exceptions like magnesium, your body will expel what it doesn’t need through your kidneys and bladder.

Trust me, as we get older or exercise more the more vitamins and minerals and sometimes herbs we need. Yeah, you heard me correctly. We do you think doctors have been scurrying to get women to take more calcium and vitamin D? Its not just to prevent osteoporosis. Calcium and vitamin D are good for your well being too.

If you get the recommended daily amount for your age, it could help you lose weight or help you from putting on more weight barring other complications. Someone from the age of 19 to the age of 50 should be getting 1000 mg of calcium a day. However the upper limit on how much calcium you intake is 2500 mg. There are foods besides daily products like broccoli and kale that can assist with you intake. Its important if you are feeling weak as calcium as helps with muscles, nerves, tendons, and other parts of the body as well as bones to keep track of what you are taking so that when you report to your doctor they know what you are taking.

I’ve mentioned vitamin D earlier in this post and some of my previous ones. Some might want to know exactly what this is. Well the easiest explanation is that it helps absorption of calcium into your blood so you can use it better. What most don’t know is it helps your heart, brain and lungs work as well as your immune system. It also helps your gut with calcium too. Many of us can get the vitamin D from exposure to sunlight BUT and this is a big but, with the now known existence of skin cancer we’ve reduced our exposure to sunlight so we now have to take supplements to make up for that lessening of exposure. There is a good and bad side of everything as you can see. It also has some anticancer properties as well and helps your brain as I mentioned earlier. Not enough vitamin D in us adults causes a condition called osteomalacia and rickets in kids which is basically a condition with brittle and soft bones.

Something to remember though, scientists still don’t know every thing that Vitamin D does for us but it is really important to get enough of it. If your not sure, ask your doctor. They can do a blood test to find out.

As to how much you can take, the recommended safe leve is 4000 IU per day with a minimum of 600 IU per day (IU means International Units). If you get little or no sun exposure according to the last link at the bottom, you should be getting 2000 IU per day. So if you hardly go outside, you need a lot more than that chick who stays outside with her dog a lot. If you stay at the beach, you can probably get away with 600 IU or less. But I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, I’m only going by the articles. If you are not sure what you need, please seek your doctor’s advice. They should be able to tell you how much you need.

The main thing is while you are adapting that healthy lifestyle, make sure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals as well as any herbs like cranberry you may need. It might be the reason you are not feeling well. And as I’ve said before and I cannot stress enough, if you are not sure if you are getting enough or how much you should take, please speak with your doctor. They can advise and adjust what you need.

As always…

Love and Hugs,



Herbs to Help your Liver

One thing we need to remember when we change our diet to benefit our health is that we still need to take care of our organs as well. If you take fish oil or some mixture of Omega 3’s you are helping your heart, eyes, joints, and other organs. Calcium and potassium help your bones, ligaments, and muscles. The one organ though, that we tend to forget because it mostly takes care of itself and us is the liver. The liver filters are blood, processes proteins, breaks down old and damaged blood cells, breaks down fat for energy, and helps the metabolism. It also breaks down chemicals and drugs in our bodies among quite a few other functions. The liver  is a very important organ but we tend to forget to take care of it. We can live without say a gall bladder but we can’t live without our liver as much as we can’t live without our brain or heart.

Many of us are eating protein to help with our metabolism and lose weight but after a while that can take a toll on the liver when we don’t do something to assist the liver. This action can also produce ketonacidosis or the production on ketones in the urine. There are herbs that we can take as a supplement to help with this and improve liver production while cleansing and detoxing the liver.

The first thing we can take is Milk Thistle. Milk Thistle has Silymarin which helps protect the liver from the toxins in foods and medicines we take. This is an herbal supplement we can find in any health food or vitamin store.

Turmeric is another herbal supplement that can be found in vitamin and health stores. It contains curcumin which is used in Indian cooking but I also remember my mom and my grandmother using it in their cooking as well. It helps gall bladder function and can help battling liver cancer. It also flushes those nasty toxins from the body.

Dandelion root is another herb recommended for liver health but its also a diuretic. Some people like to drink it in tea but can be taken in pill form. This is another toxin eliminator.

Green tea is something that I love to drink and has many purposes that help the body. I recently found out that in addition to assisting weight loss, it helps the body in resisting liver damage. So if you like this kind of tea, here is another great reason to drink it. Apparently its good for liver disease too.

The main thing about this week is to help your liver, I also suggest doing your own research on things that can help the liver, especially if you are on a protein diet like me.

As always, I’m attaching some links that back up what I’ve informed you this week and to help you get your research going.

Love and hugs,


7 liver cleansing foods and herbs

The Top 9 Herbs for Liver Cleansing

The importance of Vitamins and Omega 3’s in Diet and Nutrition

I actually pondered on what I would write about this week and what would be important facts to share that everyone can use; young and old, in shape or out of shape, and even the physically challenged alike. And then it hit me…something I’ve been talking about all week at work. The importance of vitamins and omega 3’s in nutrition and how they work together and compliment each other in what they do as well the importance of Omega 3’s on there own for everyone.

YEP. Those Omega 3’s do things for everyone, not just our elders. But I’ll get to that in a bit.

First, I need to tell you the importance of vitamins. While some believe they get everything in their diet, its important to remember that if you are on a specialty diet such as Atkins which is a protein based diet, are a Vegetarian, or even a Gluten Free diet for whatever reason that vitamins supplement what you aren’t getting from your food. AND some of these diets are not getting you what you need as well as a regular diet may not be doing that also.

Whatever the case, unless you are allergic to a specific vitamin then there is no harm in taking vitamins because whatever you don’t use your body gets rid of in your urine. In fact, it tries to do that with whatever you intake. But on a diet sometimes you need that extra push because you are eating differently. Somethings to consider are some herbal supplements like Milk Thistle because they help your organs like you liver filter things better.

Another thing that seems to be a fad in the vitamin world but has been around longer than you think are Omega 3’s like the ones found in fish. These help with the heart and eye functions as well help prevent diabetes and some forms of cancer. But there is a little known secret about them that unless you go in a vitamin store or take to the nutritionist or your doctor and simply ask, you don’t know about unless you read up on it. The secret is…

Vitamins, proteins, and other things your body needs bind to omega 3’s to help your body better process them. YEP. Omega 3’s and fish oil make your body process your nutrients better by binding with them. They are actually essential for helping your body process better and help with functions and prevention. Makes you want to go out and get some, doesn’t it?

Below, I’ve included links to articles that will give you a better understanding of what Omega 3’s actually do and their importance. I really just wanted to wet your appetite for knowledge on them.

Oh, and for those of you out there that are strict vegans or want to stay away from fish if possible, there are products out there that a vegan friendly omega 3’s and vitamins too. Don’t think for a minute that because you have special diet needs, someone hasn’t thought of it. And if you can’t find them in your local pharmacy, check the local vitamin stores or even look online.

As always I enjoy giving out information but I want to make this clear that I do this for all our good, not because I know something or discovered it recently. I don’t want someone to wait as long as I did to figure out what they need to do about their health and sharing information such as with Omega 3’s and vitamins is doing that.

Until next time…

Love and hugs,


Do What Works for You

I got to thinking the other day about people following trends and such when trying to get into and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are so many things out there to try but you have those that try to push you to do the ones that work for you even when they don’t. My best advice to myself and others is DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.  Meaning that just because it works for your fitness trainer or even your best friend, doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

Everyone has their own ideas about fitness and nutrition but what works for others may not work for you. Saying that, right now one of the biggest trends going is the Gluten Free Diet. This diet cuts out a lot of things of nutritious value and is actually for people with Celiac disease, people who are actually allergic to wheat gluten. Most people think this is a myth and the diet is really healthy which it can be if you look for the right foods BUT, and this is a big but, its not necessarily right for everyone because you basically have to hunt for foods you CAN eat without having an allergic reaction and most people don’t know this.

There is also a study that shows some people who eat foods high in carbohydrates become sluggish, this doesn’t mean there is an allergy but that these people need to eat more fruits, veggies, and protein over the complex carbohydrates.

Now…the key to having the best healthy lifestyle for you and not everyone on a whole is to find what works for you. For some its lots of exercise while others its its eating more of somethings and less of others because they already get the recommended amount of exercise but they are still bloated, have fat in places they want gone, or simply they just need to change their diet to get where they want to be.

As a person finding my groove in my own healthy lifestyle, I am very big on doing what works for me versus what everyone else says I should try. Mainly because from trial and error, I am beginning to know what has a lasting effect and what doesn’t. I’ve actually started tailoring my diet to fit my needs and my exercise to fit what I can actually do versus what people think I should be doing. Everyone’s body chemistry is different so somethings work for some but not everything is one size fits all. And yes, you can have curves and still be fit because someone women are not meant to be a size 0-5. You can actually be a size 10-16 and still be hot. I know this from experience from years ago. If that man wants a woman with a supermodel body, he can go get one because with my family genetics even with good diet and exercise I still look like I have Marilyn Monroe’s figure and not Angelina Jolie’s.

The point I’ve been making this whole time is do what works for you and be strong about it. Just because your friend is on the Pink Diva diet and it works for her, doesn’t mean it will work for you. You have to go with what works to be happy and healthy. Anything else is just coping with what you have and eventually let you down. Trust me on this.

If you are having trouble finding what works, get with your family doctor because they can help you find that nitch that works. They can also help you find what may be the cause of the weight gain too, usually with a simple blood test.

Until next time…DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU

Love and hugs,