Is Calculating BMI Really Necessary? (Warning: much of this is me ranting over the stupidity of unattainable body image)

Something came to my attention this week that I normally ignore because it holds no value for me, at least, at this point in time. BMI or Body Mass Index. I believe that BMI is overly used since I know for a fact that not everyone overweight is unhealthy and with Hollywood’s standards for weight and body image, its just plain stupid for people to think they can look like that. Now, before you get all mad and defensive, here’s why.

As kids we want to look just like our idols and do not understand at that point why we can’t look that great and good. More and more I’m seeing adults not get it either because of ignorance because no one sat them down to explain this or simply because they refuse to believe it. Genetics plays a huge role in what we look like and habits of our parents or ones we develop combine with those genetics to determine our features, height, and size.

When I say not everyone overweight is unhealthy, you have to remember there are instances that are out there that prove this. I dare you to call a pregnant woman fat without her husband or her for that matter prepared to beat you to a pulp. Or better yet, that huge guy at the gym who lifts weights every time you are there. That guy is overweight for his height but in a good way. Now to another matter that has been the debate for decades. That very curvy lady with an hour glass figure, she’s definitely not overweight, but she’s not a stick figure either. Unless you are in your teens and twenties or have a very high metabolic rate, you actually have to work very hard or starve yourself to be that small. I myself was not that small in high school. I was a big girl in high school, I have curves very early (at 12) and the only reason I wasn’t overweight was because I took dance class and was one of the ones at the top, very athletic. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I was working very hard for the body I had because genetics are not kind to me with my metabolism. While no doctor has every found a thyroid problem, my metabolism is very slow and always has been. I have to move, I mean really move not just get up and walk instead of sitting, to keep weight off and it doesn’t matter what I eat. Feel like you? Probably.

The thing is at my last physical with blood work, my doctor found absolutely nothing wrong with me short of a touch of arthritis in my right ankle, the one I broke ten years ago. Sadly because of genetics, I will never look like a supermodel or Liv Tyler or even Cindy Crawford. I do look really good for my age, while almost forty I still look like I’m in my thirties and no gray hair. I know your jealous. The kicker is I’m having a lot of trouble getting below 199 and staying there. My genetics hate me and I hate them back with a vengeance because I refuse to let someone dictate what I can be. Enough about my issues and back to BMI.

BMI is simply a guideline, that’s it. But using it to determine the health of everyone on the planet when there are so many factors to consider is like using a picture of one supermodel to determine what EVERYONE should look like and not everyone likes that model. Its like saying everyone should be one look, one mind and all others should be eradicated which I am totally against being an individualist. Yeah, I went there because that is exactly what it feels like when people tell you you fat and they look like a freaking stick figure when your metabolism doesn’t work like theirs and your fat just happens to be in the right places that turns your guy freaky. And you can have a nice butt and boobs and have a 30 inch waste. Been there, done it. I still refuse to look like a stick figure.

Plus, weight may not be fat but muscle. Muscle is a lot heavier than fat and we tend to forget that. Muscle is very important to be able to move like you want to too.

So here’s what I think about what you should do about you, your health, and your weight:

Eat healthy; eating healthy is more important than counting calories which you should do but not be obsessive over it. Exercise however you can and however makes you happy as much as you can, the being happy part is the key. MOST IMPORTANTLY, STOP CRITICIZING YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR. Right now, the mirror is your enemy because your brain sees it and starts self depreciating. Weigh yourself once every two weeks instead of everyday. Makes a big difference than staring at a number every day that is just going to make you mad and depressed. Work with your doctor or nutritionist on a plan, not a diet but a plan to get healthy, stay healthy, and simply be healthy. So the BMI scale says your obese, say whatever and work on being healthy and happy. The obese part will eventually go away, you won’t look like a stick but you’ll be closer to Marilyn Monroe’s figure which in her day was skinny but people think now she was fat.

Going simply by BMI is hurting everyone. They think its the right way to fight obesity instead of looking at all the underlying problems causing the obesity. I am finding most of the time its more like something is causing the obesity than someone just sitting on their butt all day long. Its just another trend that they are eventually going to throw out because it doesn’t work which we’ve already proven.

Now that I’ve let you know what I think, form your own opinions about it. Maybe it works for you, maybe it doesn’t. To me, BMI is just a number that is not helping me in the least because its always told me I’m fat even when I wasn’t and was a size 8 wearing small and medium clothes, back when I was existing on just salad with occasional protein. That’s not a life at all.

This week, there are no links because I want you to find the information on your own and form your own opinion. BMI has been all over the internet this week so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Remember: I love you and all I want is for you to be healthy and happy, everything else just falls into place after those two.

Love and Hugs,




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