Herbs to Help your Liver

One thing we need to remember when we change our diet to benefit our health is that we still need to take care of our organs as well. If you take fish oil or some mixture of Omega 3’s you are helping your heart, eyes, joints, and other organs. Calcium and potassium help your bones, ligaments, and muscles. The one organ though, that we tend to forget because it mostly takes care of itself and us is the liver. The liver filters are blood, processes proteins, breaks down old and damaged blood cells, breaks down fat for energy, and helps the metabolism. It also breaks down chemicals and drugs in our bodies among quite a few other functions. The liver  is a very important organ but we tend to forget to take care of it. We can live without say a gall bladder but we can’t live without our liver as much as we can’t live without our brain or heart.

Many of us are eating protein to help with our metabolism and lose weight but after a while that can take a toll on the liver when we don’t do something to assist the liver. This action can also produce ketonacidosis or the production on ketones in the urine. There are herbs that we can take as a supplement to help with this and improve liver production while cleansing and detoxing the liver.

The first thing we can take is Milk Thistle. Milk Thistle has Silymarin which helps protect the liver from the toxins in foods and medicines we take. This is an herbal supplement we can find in any health food or vitamin store.

Turmeric is another herbal supplement that can be found in vitamin and health stores. It contains curcumin which is used in Indian cooking but I also remember my mom and my grandmother using it in their cooking as well. It helps gall bladder function and can help battling liver cancer. It also flushes those nasty toxins from the body.

Dandelion root is another herb recommended for liver health but its also a diuretic. Some people like to drink it in tea but can be taken in pill form. This is another toxin eliminator.

Green tea is something that I love to drink and has many purposes that help the body. I recently found out that in addition to assisting weight loss, it helps the body in resisting liver damage. So if you like this kind of tea, here is another great reason to drink it. Apparently its good for liver disease too.

The main thing about this week is to help your liver, I also suggest doing your own research on things that can help the liver, especially if you are on a protein diet like me.

As always, I’m attaching some links that back up what I’ve informed you this week and to help you get your research going.

Love and hugs,


7 liver cleansing foods and herbs


The Top 9 Herbs for Liver Cleansing


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