The importance of Vitamins and Omega 3’s in Diet and Nutrition

I actually pondered on what I would write about this week and what would be important facts to share that everyone can use; young and old, in shape or out of shape, and even the physically challenged alike. And then it hit me…something I’ve been talking about all week at work. The importance of vitamins and omega 3’s in nutrition and how they work together and compliment each other in what they do as well the importance of Omega 3’s on there own for everyone.

YEP. Those Omega 3’s do things for everyone, not just our elders. But I’ll get to that in a bit.

First, I need to tell you the importance of vitamins. While some believe they get everything in their diet, its important to remember that if you are on a specialty diet such as Atkins which is a protein based diet, are a Vegetarian, or even a Gluten Free diet for whatever reason that vitamins supplement what you aren’t getting from your food. AND some of these diets are not getting you what you need as well as a regular diet may not be doing that also.

Whatever the case, unless you are allergic to a specific vitamin then there is no harm in taking vitamins because whatever you don’t use your body gets rid of in your urine. In fact, it tries to do that with whatever you intake. But on a diet sometimes you need that extra push because you are eating differently. Somethings to consider are some herbal supplements like Milk Thistle because they help your organs like you liver filter things better.

Another thing that seems to be a fad in the vitamin world but has been around longer than you think are Omega 3’s like the ones found in fish. These help with the heart and eye functions as well help prevent diabetes and some forms of cancer. But there is a little known secret about them that unless you go in a vitamin store or take to the nutritionist or your doctor and simply ask, you don’t know about unless you read up on it. The secret is…

Vitamins, proteins, and other things your body needs bind to omega 3’s to help your body better process them. YEP. Omega 3’s and fish oil make your body process your nutrients better by binding with them. They are actually essential for helping your body process better and help with functions and prevention. Makes you want to go out and get some, doesn’t it?

Below, I’ve included links to articles that will give you a better understanding of what Omega 3’s actually do and their importance. I really just wanted to wet your appetite for knowledge on them.

Oh, and for those of you out there that are strict vegans or want to stay away from fish if possible, there are products out there that a vegan friendly omega 3’s and vitamins too. Don’t think for a minute that because you have special diet needs, someone hasn’t thought of it. And if you can’t find them in your local pharmacy, check the local vitamin stores or even look online.

As always I enjoy giving out information but I want to make this clear that I do this for all our good, not because I know something or discovered it recently. I don’t want someone to wait as long as I did to figure out what they need to do about their health and sharing information such as with Omega 3’s and vitamins is doing that.

Until next time…

Love and hugs,



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