Do What Works for You

I got to thinking the other day about people following trends and such when trying to get into and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are so many things out there to try but you have those that try to push you to do the ones that work for you even when they don’t. My best advice to myself and others is DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.  Meaning that just because it works for your fitness trainer or even your best friend, doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

Everyone has their own ideas about fitness and nutrition but what works for others may not work for you. Saying that, right now one of the biggest trends going is the Gluten Free Diet. This diet cuts out a lot of things of nutritious value and is actually for people with Celiac disease, people who are actually allergic to wheat gluten. Most people think this is a myth and the diet is really healthy which it can be if you look for the right foods BUT, and this is a big but, its not necessarily right for everyone because you basically have to hunt for foods you CAN eat without having an allergic reaction and most people don’t know this.

There is also a study that shows some people who eat foods high in carbohydrates become sluggish, this doesn’t mean there is an allergy but that these people need to eat more fruits, veggies, and protein over the complex carbohydrates.

Now…the key to having the best healthy lifestyle for you and not everyone on a whole is to find what works for you. For some its lots of exercise while others its its eating more of somethings and less of others because they already get the recommended amount of exercise but they are still bloated, have fat in places they want gone, or simply they just need to change their diet to get where they want to be.

As a person finding my groove in my own healthy lifestyle, I am very big on doing what works for me versus what everyone else says I should try. Mainly because from trial and error, I am beginning to know what has a lasting effect and what doesn’t. I’ve actually started tailoring my diet to fit my needs and my exercise to fit what I can actually do versus what people think I should be doing. Everyone’s body chemistry is different so somethings work for some but not everything is one size fits all. And yes, you can have curves and still be fit because someone women are not meant to be a size 0-5. You can actually be a size 10-16 and still be hot. I know this from experience from years ago. If that man wants a woman with a supermodel body, he can go get one because with my family genetics even with good diet and exercise I still look like I have Marilyn Monroe’s figure and not Angelina Jolie’s.

The point I’ve been making this whole time is do what works for you and be strong about it. Just because your friend is on the Pink Diva diet and it works for her, doesn’t mean it will work for you. You have to go with what works to be happy and healthy. Anything else is just coping with what you have and eventually let you down. Trust me on this.

If you are having trouble finding what works, get with your family doctor because they can help you find that nitch that works. They can also help you find what may be the cause of the weight gain too, usually with a simple blood test.

Until next time…DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU

Love and hugs,



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