Water is Essential for Life

Last night my significant other jokingly said that since the hunter made his appearance that winter was officially here. This was after we got back from watching the new Star Wars movie which I will only say that it was awesome and one part made me angry but you’ll have to watch it for yourself. I’m very big on NO SPOILERS and since this is a health blog you’ll have to ask someone else, hehehehe.

But since winter is here and probably already has been here in other places, I think this is a good time to remind everyone that they should still be drinking their 8-8 ounce glasses of water or 64 ounces of water a day. At least this much because it is as just as important now as it is for exercise or summer. Here’s why…

Winter air is very drying for almost everyone, myself included even though I have oily skin. It actually damages the skin, I found out in my 20’s that even with layers of clothes and lots of moisturizer that it still dries you out and makes you really itchy. It makes the skin flake, become ashy (yes, everyone’s skin does that, it just looks different), you can develop sores from the dryness and scratching sometimes just the dryness because the skin becomes tight and cracks.

You also become dehydrated without enough water which causes diarrhea, disoriented feelings,  dizziness and many other things. It can cause many difficulties with the stomach if you do not drink enough. My own mom tends to drink mostly water because since her 20’s she had chronic bladder infections starting with a major one that left scarring in her bladder, not enough water and stress can do that to you. Not enough water can definitely cause a myriad of health issues with the organs. I cannot stress that enough. Water is very essential to out well being.

Doctors are always stressing this fact too amid all the other issues out there including people staying at a healthy body weight. You can lie to yourself and the doctors all you want about what you do like not smoking or drinking enough water but eventually it will catch up to you in the form of your health.

More than half of the body is supposed to be water. When you sweat, your body secretes that water in the sweat so it makes sense that you need to replenish that first. I know many people say you should replenish electrolytes and other things as well. But first and foremost, you should replenish the water in your body. This is because the sweat acts as a coolant and coolant has to be replaced at some point on anything like in a car or an air conditioner. Its just something that has to be done.

And believe it or not, if you use stimulants like coffee, soda, energy drinks, pill form stimulants and such; those make you use you body’s water too. Every time you use them, you should be drinking water as well. The stimulate energy in your body and make you thirstier whether you realize it or not.

There is another not so subtle reason to drink your water. It helps you go to the bathroom regularly. You can drown yourself in fiber but if you are not drinking enough water, it does you absolutely no good at all. You can be constipated or worse, constant diarrhea which makes you lose even more of that precious water.

Now for something that most people do not believe but I do. Many people are taking those colon cleansers and other cleansers as well to detoxify their bodies. That’s all well and good but water helps that too. While their are articles out there that tell you this, I’ve known it since high school. Teenagers eat a lot of junk, let’s face it but are they drinking enough water to go with it? Probably not. I can’t say for sure because I’m not there but I do know that many of us my age, did not. So yeah, you’ll need those cleansers now but you’ll also need water even more now too. It helps those cleansers work more effectively AND if you continue with the water afterwards, it helps you stay that way.

The CDC even has articles on why water is important. I’ve included a link to one at the bottom. But the main thing is that THEY are saying you need it. These are the people that try to help keep the bad diseases down and help us deal with epidemics like type 2 diabetes and obesity. All things that are definitely unhealthy for us. That says something if they are telling us the benefits to drinking water. The link that I’m including also includes links to their other articles on water as well. One thing I will point out that I never knew before reading the article is water keeps our body temp at 98.6 degrees. It regulates that and so many other things. See I’m not just helping you, I’m learning as I go.

I’m also including a link for an article that tells us how water makes us awesome. One of those things is that it can help promote weight loss. Something I’ve often thought about is how often do I think I’m hungry and I just need more water, meaning I’m thirsty? Its something to think about and it only takes a couple minutes to find out by drinking a glass of water.

Recap: Water is essential to life. I cannot say that enough. It is the most important thing for the body only second to air and just above food. This is because it is essential to many bodily functions. Too many to list here or anywhere outside of a medical document or maybe the CDC. I do encourage you to research it more. You’ll be surprised at many of the things you’ll find.

Until next time…

Love and hugs,





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