Understanding that everything takes TIME

This is something in this world where everything is readily available that people forget. Weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes time. Anything that is really worth having takes time. I often say that people rush into things headlong and wonder why it falls apart. Its because we rushed into it. We lose weight quickly and then gain it back twice as fast. Its because we did it in a hurry and didn’t give our body time to adjust. Losing weight really fast may be great in the short term, but in the long term it does have some negative consequences; one being the fast weight gain after and another all the loose skin from the weight loss because you didn’t account for the fact that because you’re older, your body doesn’t recover as quickly.

In truth, these facts hurt and many people will avoid them to get that “perfect body” when we need to remember that there is no such thing. There really is no “one size fits all”. Trust me there isn’t. I used to get my sister’s hand-me-down clothes until I out grew her. She was only 5’1 and maybe 100 lbs soaking wet. Me, when I finished growing I was at 5’6 and 135 lbs all muscle because I was athletic in high school. Big difference. I couldn’t wear her clothes without stretching them out and that made her mad. After I graduated high school, I started slowing down and realized the only reason I had a nice body was because I had constantly worked out, every day all the time even though I ate as much as my brother. Genetics are a crazy thing with slow metabolisms and weight. Both my parents and 2 of my grandparents were over-weight, one from each side. When you start realizing this and how it contributes to you, you either ignore it or you do something about it. Here’s where I come in. Until recently, I only did a half job of talking care of myself because I was in some what decent shape or so I thought. Then I woke up one morning sick and thinking that I was becoming my mom in the physical sense. I weighed in at 250 lbs, not good on a 5’6 frame even with the big boobs which run in my family.

What I thought was my mom’s health issues was actually an allergic reaction to a diet soda from Walmart and their brand. This why I stated last week to stay away from that diet, low fat, low sugar, and such stuff because it can cause the things we are trying to avoid. But the impact it had on my was still there. I did not want to be that way and still don’t. So I started monitoring what I eat with the Loseit app. I was already eating the recommended calories for fat burn or less but after a few weeks of monitoring I realized it was not how much I eat or what I eat because I do eat healthy, though I still monitor it from time to time just to “check” myself and my progress.

I started thinking back to high school and what I did then that I don’t do now besides writing this blog and other stuff. I realized that it was the constant moving around, I literally didn’t stop unless it was time to eat or go to sleep or when I read or studied for school. It’s not some diet pill or drink thought those certainly help, it’s getting off our behinds and moving around. Just one problem…I can’t move like I used to because of course the weight and one key other thing…my various bone injuries and the fact I don’t have much cartledge (the stuff that helps your joints move) in my right knee. So we have to find a work around since I can’t run or jump at this point.

Now I have seen people in my situation and similar ones, eventually regain something in the way of movement and be really fit. So I started looking into them and their stories. Here’s the weird thing, they all did some form of yoga when they decided to get it in gear and take care of themselves. But they didn’t just do that, they walked, they tried other forms of exercise too. They found ways to keep their bodies moving. But it also took some time. It doesn’t take a day or a week or two or even a month. That kind of weight loss is something that should be monitored by a doctor anyway. Yes, it is possible but you have to almost be in a life or death situation. In reality, it takes the time it took for you to put the weight on; a few years or even five. That’s right, it takes time. And anything really worth it does take time. Yeah, I lost 20 lbs in a few months but I’m thinking that was fluid weight since it came off so quick and now I’m at a plateau, stuck at 199 lbs. Which requires more movement BUT not so much I’m in pain from those various injuries. They have to adjust just like the rest of me.

I keep coming back to the yoga but here’s why: Yoga while it is not for everyone and you can’t immediately do all the poses, it has benefits that people who haven’t done it don’t know about. Natural tummy tuck starting the minute you start, now you won’t see a difference for at least a month but when you do, you’ll be like OMG!!!! Regains that flexibility over time that your guy or girl if you prefer loves. No, you can’t do all the poses at once BUT overtime when you start feeling better you will. Tell you this, 6 months ago I couldn’t sit Indian style without my hips hurting. Now, I am and I’m almost touching my knees to the floor something I haven’t done since my twenties.

I will also I’m not a huge fan of all the poses. Simply because they hurt a lot at my age when first doing them, I’m in my early 40’s. I having done ballet, tap, jazz, and belly dances up until my late 20’s, I can still do a lot of them but not all of them since because I used to focus only on working I didn’t keep up with it and now that I am and dealing with old injury pain as well as arthritis, it hurts like doing too much exercise at once and not doing anything to get rid of the soreness. I will tell you that my favorite pose has become the goddess pose. Yes, it hurt my thighs a lot since I’m not quite used to it but within 5 minutes I had some relief from hip joint pain. Yeah, that quick. When I took a break to relax my thighs, I immediately noticed the pain in my right hip had lessened a bit. And I was watching a video showing how to properly do the pose, showing how to adjust yourself to get the pose to work. YEAH! That simple. But a pose that I really hate but its good for you is downward facing dog because it makes my wrists hurt but there is even a video on you tube for that which I tried. It does help but what it does it help you focus on things to work the wrists to get to the point they don’t hurt anymore.

Point is that it all takes time and once you start just focusing on what you need to do to get where you want and you forget because it makes you feel good, you start seeing those results and you want to keep going. I’m not saying do yoga, that’s completely up to you. I’m saying find that exercise you like and keep going because it makes you feel good, the rest comes with time. As the lady Adrienne from Yoga with Adrienne says “Find what feels good”. I promise you won’t regret it. I’ve included another link to a great article from a lady who does yoga but it took her years to get where she wanted to be even though she’s been doing it for a really long time; but you wouldn’t know it looking at her.

Until next time…

Love and hugs,




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