Eating and exercising during the winter months

Winter has come or at least Mother Nature is bringing it with all the cold wind and rain. Eating healthy and maintaining or losing weight during the winter can be difficult because of the want to eat or drink something hot and not want to go outside unless you have to; making it really difficult to stay on track.

First part of today’s blog is for research. Do your homework and research things to help you stay on track and be strong. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. This cannot be stressed enough. Its also something that you can do sitting in bed as the kids are going to sleep or while they’re doing their homework and while you cook dinner. It’s something we can make time and do in shorts spans of time. Also take notes whether is on a notepad or open notebook or word on your computer. This way you can keep track of the research that impressed you. Don’t worry, I’m going to give you a few pointers to help your research get into focus too so you save even more time.

  1. Sites like,, and such all have great recipes that that fit in with a healthy lifestyle. I think they also give calories per serving too, at least one of them does.
  2. Stay away from anything that says low fat, light, low calorie, low or no sugar. The reason for this is because in the long term, these items are worse for you than eating the regular stuff. The companies use chemicals that have now been found to cause cancer. In that same vein, stay away from the diet drinks because those have been found to cause diabetes. Anything like that is now bad for you in a very bad way.
  3. If you eat meat or dairy, stick with the grass fed meat. Those are naturally less fat. They are not given a strong regiment of antibiotics and are not standing around in their own wastes. Plus, there is a natural enzyme they had called CLA which naturally helps fat burn but is killed off by antibiotics like some people’s good bacteria in their stomachs that helps digestion is.
  4. Vitamins. If you’re not already on vitamins, get some and take them. They help you receive nutrients you may not get with calorie and food restrictions. I do recommend if your at a plateau and getting frustrated, go to GNC and pick up a thermogenic. These help with burning fat and give you energy that will give you no choice but to get up and go. But if you have medical issues, talk to your doctor first to see what he says before you do anything.
  5. Look at the regular soups in the grocery store. Not the chunky kind but the regular soups. These actually have about a meals worth of calories for one can and you usually fill up. Stay away from ones like Healthy Choice too, those are loaded with salt/sodium which is just as bad as the chemicals in the light and diet stuff. Makes a great lunch on those rainy/cold/snowy days even at work.

Now we get to the winter exercise. YAY!!!

What I’ve found that I like to do on a day like today where its rainy and nasty out is find something I like to do inside that keeps me busy and helps the exercise part too. There’s yoga, interactive gaming, dance, and so many other things. Yeah, I said interactive gaming. Game systems like Xbox 360/One, PlayStation and Ninetendo now offer interactive games that make you more active in the game instead of just holding a game controller. I’m not sure what PlayStation offers but the Xbox 360 and One game systems offer games that you use their Kinect in which a sensor over the TV monitors your movements for the games. The Ninetendo Wii offers games and exercise programs where with the controller in hand you actually have to get up and move with the game. My favorites on that are the Wii Fit U which is almost self explanatory  and Pirates of the Caribbean which you become Captain Jack. These are fun for the whole family and you can get the kids involved. If you have one of these systems, you can also get an app for and look up exercise classes. Yes, they have those on there.

The point is that you don’t have to go outside to get fit on these bad days. You can do things in the house and with the kids and even the pets for some things. If you feel like you want to get  out but don’t want to join a gym, go to the mall and just walk. They do allow it, I know because my next door neighbor does it. And you can go as soon as the mall opens which is usually an hour or 2 before the stores open.

Recap: Research, Research, Research. You want answers, use your internet to find them. Use the hints I gave you up top. Get your exercise, you don’t even have to leave the house. Use your tools and find new ones. If your off work that day but your kids are in school, use your son’s or husband’s Xbox for the youtube app and find a free class video posted on there. You get your exercise, and you don’t have to go anywhere.

Until next week…

Love and Hugs,




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