Thanksgiving, Holidays, Shopping and a Healthy Lifestyle

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I thought really hard about how to stay within the healthy eating and exercise habits with all the holiday hubbub. This is something that hits the minds of everyone trying hard to stick with it and having all the temptation possible out there. Trust me I know, this year I survived okay but previous years its been a real struggle because of family wanting that “traditional holiday spread”. As someone who tries hard to be a healthy eater, I am starting to hate that phrase as I know many of you who read this are, though try as I might not to.

I actually heard something a while back from one of my favorite people out there, a magician who is notorious for calling people out, on the things he stopped eating because for his own health he needed to shed those pounds.

Penn Jillette said that he saves those things for the holidays. Those special times of year. I know he loves pie because he’s said he does. This man simply decided that he would only eat pie on holidays. Good for him. I really wish I had that kind of will power. I just don’t quite have it yet. Don’t know if I will but I’m getting close to it.

Here’s what I’ve started to do because your family wants you to enjoy all of those goodies but most of them don’t think about the few of us that really don’t need to eat those things right now. No, we don’t.

Everything in moderation. Yep, I said it, the thing they say about alcohol, I said it about food. I do most of the cooking for my little family unit and my hubby likes to eat a lot. He’s in his forties but he eats like he’s 16 and I can’t figure out where he puts it. (laughs) I think he has a really good metabolism, something I’m not really blessed with.

I also make more veggies and meat than I do anything else. Simply because I do really good with a low carb diet. I do eat carbs but not near as many as I used to.

But when visiting family, I do portion control because my dad thinks old fashioned, you must have turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. I get really small portions and go back for seconds with the same result. This way they just think I’m eating a lot when they are busy with their own plates. The thing is, once your belly starts shrinking, you really can’t eat the same portions as you once did without seriously hurting because you start stretching muscles in the wrong way again.

Now comes the pie. Get yourself some pie, after all it is the holidays. Just get little pieces of pie. Split it with a kid. they will thank you and they aren’t getting a whole lot of sweets either. Kids love sweets but they don’t need a whole lot of them. If you split your piece, they are happy (unless they’re a glutton early on) and mom is thanking you for helping them with the moderation too.

As far as exercise goes, I again go back to schedule it. It may not happen on a busy day like Thanksgiving Day but you can still do it the rest of the week. Kids home? Take them with you and talk with them, make it a family activity or family time. Now if your family is like mine, some of them are sports fanatics unlike me. But I know enough of the games to get out there and play football with them in the yard. I also offer to watch the younger ones play sometimes. Let’s the cousins catch up and I get to go outside. We had one gathering before an aunt with severe dementia¬†insisted we all had to go for a walk and it was like 8 pm but we all went and had a good time.

Now, realize that some family members think we should all rest after a big meal but I disagree. I think my aunt was right, we should all go for a walk. It gives in to family time and you get the exercise you need.

I want to give a little recognition to a page that always brings me up when I’m down. He always has something that cheers me up and gets me going. I first met him after his comic routine with his comedic brothers-in-arms. He’s also a self help guru but I think if it works go with it. R. Mordant Mahon is a great guy and a great comedian. If you need a pick me up, I suggest just reading his words once or listen to his podcast. You’ll understand when you do. Below I’ll have a link to his Facebook page.

Recap: Holiday meals, small portions until full. I usually only need 2 plates. Exercise, schedule it or make it a family outing. Join in on that yard football game or play with the little ones. Just find something that requires you to move around. And lastly, stay motivated in whatever way you can with whatever helps motivate you.

Until Next Week…

Love and Hugs,



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