Good Hygiene and Getting your Vitamins

Something occurred to me this week and then something else occurred to me this morning before I got to work on this blog. The first is that a dentist once told me that good oral hygiene helps with so many things from type 2 diabetes and heart disease to preventing you from eating when you are not hungry. The second came to me this morning while reading an article about scurvy coming back in the mid-west. Yep, its coming back because people have stopped getting vitamin C which made me think about something we tend to forget while getting into a healthy lifestyle. Are we remembering to take our vitamins or get enough fruits and vegetables? Those 2 things are actually very important to a healthy lifestyle whether we believe it, think about it, or not.

So first we’ll start with the good hygiene, please don’t take this as an insult because its not. Its meant to be informative. If you believe you have good hygiene and don’t need this part, please, skip to the end about vitamins. I’m sure any good dentist out there will tell you that good oral hygiene helps the conditions I mentioned and more. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. Good hygiene in anyway helps with those conditions. ¬†From bathing to washing your hands properly. Yes, I said properly. The medical practitioners out there tell us that to wash your hands properly, you need water as hot as you can stand it, soap, and rub your hands vigorously, and rinse well. But it isn’t just that, they say you have to rub them vigorously for 20 seconds. That’s the Happy Birthday song 3 times. You do this after using the restroom, before dealing with food, anytime you get your hands dirty, and whenever you come into contact with someone sick.

Hygiene is something that that has been taught to kids since they become old enough to understand which is pretty young. But as adults, many of us tend to forget these basic principles when we stop using them because of time restraints, believing that its only for kids and we adults are invincible, or simply we get in a hurry and forget. Or there was this man I once met who simply decided he didn’t need to do any of that because he lived alone. He became so ill that he was put on all kids of medication for diabetes, heart disease and skin infections. Yep, not bathing regularly can lead to skin infections from your sweat, bacteria on the skin, open wounds, and other issues to do with the skin.

Like anything else, I think to get back into the good hygiene habits, we have to schedule them. There is a reason why people brush their teeth in the morning when they get ready for the day or bed, bathe or shower in the morning or evening or both, brush their hair after washing or before fixing their signature style, and so on. Its because they’ve always had this schedule or set it so they have time to do it all before they go to work/school. For the working mom/dad who believes they just don’t have time, let me tell you what my mom used to do because she always had so much going on even though she didn’t work. She brushed her teeth while we did so it would instill good habits. She used to take her bath in her tub while we took our individual ones, she said when we were babies and toddlers, she bathed with me and then gave my brother a bath, if dad was off that day, he got to bathe my brother so she could have a few minutes to herself. Just different little things to keep things from being overwhelming. That’s meant to help too, by the way.

On to the vitamins…

There is an outbreak of scurvy in the mid-west according to an article on yahoo. This makes me wonder who is getting their vitamins, simply because I do care about people out there. If its a scheduling thing, I take mine right after I brush my teeth. I take them with a glass of water because…well, we need to drink it anyway and anything citric is going to taste weird at that point. If it an unknowing thing, then take your vitamins.

Trust me, with the diseases that are coming back you need those vitamins. If you hate swallowing a pill, think of how you can incorporate more veggies and fruits into your diet. Although, I do both. Simply for the sake of I never know if I’m getting enough. At this time of year, which is winter, you need the Vitamin C anyway because of cold and flu. Though if you’re prone to kidney stones, eat the fruit. I’m not a medical professional but for me, too much orange juice with calcium caused kidney stones for me about 15 years ago. I tend to stay away from too much juice unless I’m sick. I eat the fruit instead because its good for the teeth anyway.

But something people don’t think about with vitamins and eating fruits and veggies is that is helps with your skin, better than lotions when you eat enough of them and/or take vitamins. Think about this, its one of those things that just because you don’t see it working doesn’t mean its not until you stop. In this article about scurvy, the first case they talk about was a man who was only eating bread and American cheese for years. No one could figure out what was wrong with him until they ran a vitamin C test. ¬†Another man was having joint pain and other issues I think with his heart. Again, the tests showed nothing even arthritis or heart disease until they ran the vitamin C test which was almost zero.

All I can say is that if you want good skin and the doctors find nothing, take your vitamins and eat more veggies. Your next appointment will show some improvement. And be free to tell the doctor what you did. He probably won’t admit it but in his mind he’ll be thinking, “could it have been something we haven’t seen in a while?” I’m not saying to self diagnose. What I am saying is try something that is good for you anyway. You might surprise yourself. Just remember, it takes a couple weeks for you to see any change. Like anything good in your life, it takes time to get those good results.

Recap: Practice good hygiene and take your vitamins either in pill form or in fruits and veggies or both. Do something that is good for you anyway. AND REMEMBER, it takes a few weeks to see any results like anything good in your life.

Love and Hugs,




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