Staying on top of your new fitness lifestyle while working or job hunting

Sorry, I’m late posting this week. Its been a little hectic with job interviews this week, and not just having them but the number of them. So that gave me the idea for this week’s blog. Trying to stay on top of your new lifestyle while working and/or job hunting.

While I was doing these interviews, it occurred to me that not everyone can juggle new intrusions into their life while making other adjustments that life throws at us. Sometimes it becomes difficult to juggle working, looking for work, childcare, social life even while starting new hobbies, working on being fit, changing your eating habits and other such life altering events.

When I decided and got started with changing my life with good habits, I was also looking for work and depressed. I have a family history of depression and anxiety. I’ve also found the best way for me to deal with this health issue is to be as active as my body will allow me since the usual medicines prescribed for such conditions make me worse or physically ill as well.

Recently with the interviews having picked up, I’ve noticed that on certain days I have to make time to exercise and make conscious choices about what I eat to prevent lapses into old habits. This is what I’ve tried to do and am mostly successful. I say mostly because no one is perfect and there are times when you don’t have very many options as to what you can eat or you are so tired that exercise is out of the question. And trust me, there are days that those very things happen. Not always together but those days happen too. I remind you of my last blog of “not beating yourself up about it”. Acknowledge it and move on.

Back to this week.

Here’s what I do that helps me. I’m not saying that it will help you but its a great suggestion that works for more than exercise. MAKE PLANS. Sounds obsessive compulsive but there it is. You can always alter said plans but if you make a plan and stick with it as close as possible it helps. I’m not saying you can totally plan it out, even what you eat, but you can research the area and see what’s around that can accommodate what you need. If you’re like me, you usually try to eat ate home or bring something with you if you’re going to be out at any mealtime. Sometimes the best laid plans fall into the crapper for whatever reason, hopefully beyond what we can control. But if that happens, let it go. Because you have to remember that you cannot control everything.

Here’s an example of what I’ve been doing as far as plans when I have to go more than 30 minutes away for an interview or meeting:

After scheduling the meeting, pull up google maps in a web browser and enter in the address. Google now has a function where you can look at businesses in the area such as restaurants and even see where the closest Walmart is. I do this that way I have a landmark when I’m traveling even though I use GPS because it helps me get my barrings so to speak. I usually try to bring a healthy snack with me but I also look to see if there is a familiar restaurant nearby that can accommodate my healthy eating habits. Be prepared, sometimes there isn’t. There just isn’t. Does that mean I going to mess up. NO. Absolutely not. It just means what’s there is there. If you are hungry and the snack isn’t enough, you may have to stop somewhere but you can look for things to eat that can help. Its another reason I check for the nearest Walmart, because if its a Supercenter or a Neighborhood market then you have a place you can get something healthy to eat if you need to.

Next after doing my research, I schedule my exercise for that day even if its just walking. Hint: my mother-in-law is a professional driver. She likes to walk the nearby Walmart when not on a drive or sleeping. While that may not be a thing for many of us, it will do in a pinch. Plus, most of the time the employees don’t bother you there. I try to make it back to the house to walk the dog but its not always possible. Sometimes I have to look for a place to stop and walk. I try to plan my day out ahead of time so I know where I’m at and what’s around in case I don’t make it back until its time to cook supper. Its also called time management, I figured out in college that I can excel in it when I want to and I’m not burned out. I’ve also found out that everyone can excel in time management with a little guidance. Its a very useful skill to have in everything.

Next I schedule anything else that I need to do that day, like feed my pets, laundry, liter pan changing, if I was a parent and needed someone to take the kids after school. Whatever needs to be done. The point is make a schedule and use time management with your new lifestyle until it becomes old habit. It may take a while before that happens so be prepared for it to take a while. Truly, anything worth it takes a while.

To recap: Focus on what you want to do. DO your research on the area where you’ll be. Make a schedule. Be prepared for changes and make plans for adjustments which is what the research is for.

That’s it for this week.

Love and hugs,




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