More tips for the actively challenged…or what to do when you’ve had a bad day of eating and exercise.

Hello people!

I’ll start today by saying that I’m a firm believer in “do what feels good” as Yogi Adrienne says. With that said, I think sometimes people are too hard on themselves. Meaning that we beat ourselves up too much sometimes when we stray from that resolution to do better, eat better, exercise better, and on and on. Here’s the thing that people tend to forget. Nothing Changes Overnight. NOTHING. It takes time to make those bad habits so in turn it takes time to correct them. And you will have relapses because that’s what humans do. Yeah, we do whether we admit to it or not. I’ve only been on this round of change for a few months and I’ve had quite a few temptations and relapses. But I still have to get back on the horse when I fall off because I flat out refuse to get left behind and die there. Having will power not to do certain things takes just as much practice and hard work as the will power and practice to do the things you want to do. Remember: not everything comes as naturally to some as others but on the same token, not everything comes as easy to others as some. A riddle I know but once you figure it out, you start to figure other things out too that involve yourself and the rest of the world.

As I sit here and type this, I can tell you that the day started out bad because I ate something for breakfast that I shouldn’t have in many ways but did because I woke up hungry which is a rare occurrence to me. Eating before 10 am is not something I usually do because my body just doesn’t want it. Back to the eating things that I shouldn’t have. I ate pie, yep I ate something sweet and really bad. But I did and I paid for it. I got indigestion and nausea because my body is starting to reject large amounts of refined sugar. My only excuse is I woke up hungry yet my front brain wasn’t awake yet, just my stomach. Crazy, yes, I know but things happen. I also ate bad yesterday. I did good when I started, though. Buttered toast and coffee but no sugar. Simple sandwich for lunch. But here’s the kicker. While we were out running errands, both my man and I got hungry and stopped at sonic. I got a sugary drink and chili cheese fries ( a med but still). It was where he stopped and instead of eating right, I got what I always get.  But I closed the day out better, grilled bun-less burger and salad. I snagged a few fries I made for him but I ended it there.

The thing is we are going to do these things but we cannot stop trying to do better. For lunch today, I ate a salad consisting of lettuce, grape tomatoes, artichoke stems, olives, and organic Greek yogurt dressing. My thing has becomes acknowledge what you did and consciously make the next meal or snack better. Add a few extra steps when you go for that walk. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Acknowledge and move on. After all Rome was definitely not built in a day. Just be contentious and aware of what you are doing. So you want chili cheese fries, have them but don’t over do it, acknowledge it and move on. When you keep trying, eventually the front brain, the back brain, and the body WILL start to work together. But remember, do not deprive yourself of your favorite foods unless there is a medical reason not to eat them. Not a fad diet but a legitimate medical reason because a some point, your body and back brain are going to say override the front brain and take what it want. But I’m not saying to go out of your way to eat bad things. What I’m saying is trying to figure out what you need that is causing that craving and try to switch foods. Definitely try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

I know I’ve said it a lot and its just as much for my benefit as yours. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER IT!!!! It happens, but acknowledge it and move on. Acknowledge it. Weird I know but lifestyle changes are just as much psychological as as physical, believe or not. When you start acknowledging what you are doing, it helps in a big way for that back brain to think about it as much as your front brain is. I mean the conscious and subconscious. You not only have to consciously fix it but you have to do it subconsciously too so your body stops fighting the changes you want to make. It really is just as much a brain thing as a physical thing to do anything. As I said before, not everyone can do what comes easy to some but some can do things others have issues with too.

Here is a link to another article on “getting back on the wagon” of commitment of weight loss and healthy lifestyle:

I need to tell you that the article on the loseit! site which you’ll have to sign up but sign up is free. I love this site and its app and the main reason is that it keeps you in tough with your eating and exercise habits. You can go back over the week and even the month to see what you ate and what you did. You don’t have to use it for weight loss but weight gain and maintaining. Its very helpful and easy to use. You can go on the site enter recipes as well to make it easier to log in what you eat.

I’ve found using tools like loseit! and others helps me. Using an app like loseit! taking the writing part of logging out of the logging process. You just go in and select what you’re eating or the exercise you did. That’s it. Prevent writer’s cramp while helping you obtain your health goals. And you don’t have to use that tool specifically, but use a tool or tools to track what you do so you can go back and make corrections mentally.

But I think we also have to remember to have fun while doing it or we subconsciously just stop doing it too. Remember to feed your brain while you change your habits and feed your body. People often forget that fun helps you maintain your will power. When you have fun changing habits, they become easier to keep. Not just something you have to do. If you take your dog for a walk, make it something you both enjoy. Take him/her to the park if you can, or the neighborhood pond like we have here. He/she can smell all kinds of smells cause that’s what dogs do and you can have fun wandering around with them and still control where you go. Believe it or not, we’ve spent an hour just letting the dog lead us around the pond, looking at things while he smells whatever.

So that’s what I got today for you. ACKNOWLEDGE IT! MOVE ON! And most importantly DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER IT!. Use some kind of tool to keep track of what you do. You’ll be fine, you’ll make mistakes but you’ll BE FINE.

Enjoy your week!

Love and hugs,



2 comments on “More tips for the actively challenged…or what to do when you’ve had a bad day of eating and exercise.

  1. Kimberly Meere says:

    This is great advice! Thank you.


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